Do you remember your “Current Events” class? It was the one where there was always a pop quiz on what’s happening in the news. Think if you were in that class today and there was a segment on business and technology: Where would you turn? 

While we like to believe that and this blog are your only two sources of information (wink, wink), we recognize that there are other valuable publications to help you stay on top of business and technology happenings. The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The New York Times, Associated Press, La Tribune, Forbes, Wired, CIO, InformationWeek, and ZDNet to name a few. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are also great resources.

To help IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders stay current, I've handpicked media from this week that features quotes and data from Forrester’s I&O analysts and a few others. Some articles are very relevant to I&O leaders (ex. stories on BYOD, tablets, Microsoft), while others offer important marketing and strategy insights for I&O leaders to be aware of (ex. business trends in retail and banking, big data, voice of the customer strategies).

Is this useful? If so, I'm happy to do this weekly or every other week. Let me know in the comment field below.

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Very Relevant Business Technology News For I&O Leaders:

The Wall Street Journal 
Featured Forrester Analyst: Christian Kane
No contract phones could complicate BYOD 
April 8, 2013

Silicon (GER)
Featured Forrester Analyst: J.P. Gownder
Analyst: Tablet Market Is A Niche Market
April 10, 2013

ZDNet Asia
Featurer Forrester Analyst: Michael Barnes 
IT helpdesk must up ante in cloud, BYOD era 
April 11, 2013

Featured Forrester Analyst: Dave Johnson 
Microsoft Eyes Outlook For RT, Office For iOS? 
April 5, 2013

Featured Forrester Analyst: Henry Dewing 
Untangling Microsoft's Communication and Collaboration Strategy 
April 10, 2013

The Economic Times (India)
Featured Forrester Analyst: Katyayan Gupta 
Idea Cellular, Aircel, other investing in Wi-Fi systems to improve mobile broadband coverage 
April 5, 2013

Networks Asia
Featured Forrester Analyst: JP Gownder 
Hyper-portability tablets drive workers’ productivity 
April 4, 2013

ZDNet Asia
Featured Forrester Analyst: Frank Liu 
ODMs growing popularity stops with Web companies 
April 10, 2013

Featured Forrester Analyst: Ted Schadler
Enough Already with the "Death of the PC Era" Garbage
April 11, 2013


Important Marketing And Strategy News For I&O Leaders To Be Aware Of:

Featured Forrester Analyst: Corinne Munchbach, Gina Sverdlov 
We Love Amazon, But Going to the Store Matters Most 
April 11, 2013 

Associated Press
Featured Forrester Analyst: Tiffani Montez 
Banks Rethink The Branch, But Will It Work? 
April 10, 2013

The New York Times
Featured Forrester Analyst: Nate Elliott 
Facebook Redefines Ad Targeting 
April 10, 2013   

La Tribune (FRA)
Featured Forrester Analyst: Thomas Husson 
Big Data: The New Marketing Weapon 
April 5, 2013 (UK)
Featured Forrester Analyst: Adele Sage 
Listen Up: How to Build A Voice of the Customer Strategy 
April 10, 2013


Note: If English is your preferred reading language, a few of these articles originate from foreign press. Click here for info on webpage translation capabilities for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.