Cross-channel attribution. For customer insights and marketing practitioners, attribution is a white hot measurement topic. It’s viewed as the best way to measure effectiveness of marketing and media campaigns; a way for firms to assess…truly assess… the value of the customer journey.  For the past 18 months, I have been living and breathing this topic and today I am happy….no, I’m elated…to announce the official publication of the Cross-Channel Attribution Playbook.

What’s a playbook, you ask?  Well, a playbook is a framework to help organizations develop expertise around a specific business topic.  The Cross-Channel Attribution Playbook helps marketers and customer insights professionals to take strategic steps in building an attribution strategy within their organization.  It includes 12 chapters, including an executive overview, which covers different aspects of developing and managing a cross-channel attribution measurement framework.  The four “chapters” specifically help organizations:

·   Discover attribution as a new measurement approach. These reports will help customer insights professionals understand how cross-channel attribution will help develop a more holistic picture of marketing and media performance across the customer lifecycle, highlight the cross-channel attribution landscape and help build the business case to justify investments in attribution.

 ·   Plan for an attribution ready organization. These reports will help customer insights professionals assess the maturity of its cross-channel attribution efforts,  build a strategic plan to grow an attribution measurement framework in its organization, and develop a detailed roadmap that will help build the foundation of an attribution measurement framework.

 ·   Act on your attribution strategy.  These reports take action.  They help organizations implement the necessary processes to ensure attribution success.  They help align the organization to ensure everyone is attribution ready; they outline key processes to ensure attribution is streamlined, and they provide guidance on the right tools and technology needed to manage and maintain an attribution measurement framework.

 ·   Optimize your attribution performance.These reports will help continually monitor your progress towards building a cross-channel attribution strategy by providing performance management of your attribution, benchmarks and outlining a plan for continuous improvement.  Reports in the "optimize" chapters are set to publish in Q2 and Q3 in 2013.


Good bed time reading, right?  We suggest starting with the executive overview ‘Cross-Channel Attribution Puts The Science In Marketing Measurement ’ to get a sense of key areas that the playbook will cover. We will continue to publish cross-channel attribution research to fill out, enhance, and update this playbook. I look forward to your feedback and inputs to this research topic.  As most of you know, this is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.  Feel free to reach out through inquiries, briefings or directly @vmoffett for any feedback, thoughts, or ideas!