First and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal readers of Forrester’s Consumer Product Strategy (CPS) blog. This will be the final post for the CPS blog, but never fear, future posts from your favorite analysts will still appear on both their individual analyst blogs, and the new role blogs to which they have moved. For more detail on this change and where specific analysts will be, keep reading.

Effective April 29, Forrester streamlined how we create and deliver value from 9 roles to 6. The goal of this change is simple — be more clear and distinct in how we define the roles we serve so you can get more value from the role research that fits you best. For the purpose of this post, I want to ensure that you can: 1) ascertain which of the roles is in fact the best fit for your needs; and 2) find your favorite analysts from the old CPS team.

As of April 29 we now have these 6 Marketing & Strategy roles from which you can pick:

1.    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – this is where you can find James McQuivey, PhD.

2.    Customer Experience – this is where you can find Tony Costa.

3.    Marketing Leadership – this is where you can find Sarah Rotman Epps and Thomas Husson.

4.    eBusiness & Channel Strategy – this is where you can find Denée Carrington.

5.    Sales Enablement – none of the CPS analysts landed here, but this is where you can find some great research for sales leaders. 

6.    Customer Insights – this is where you’ll find me from now on, as I have taken over as Vice President and Practice Leader for this role, which combines our former Customer Intelligence and Market Insights roles.

I hope that you continue to be loyal readers of your favorite Forrester bloggers, and find that our streamlined role-based approach and playbooks help you get even more value from your Forrester membership.

Thank you,

Carl Doty
VP, Practice Leader
Serving Customer Insight Professionals