This is my last, "I saw this cool thing in mobile today" blog for the week.

Check out this video

The video is called "Field Trip" and shows off some of the features of Google's Field Trip app. It's a short, but extremely compelling video that shows how mobile can be used to personalize your world – whether it is a wander about the bay area (this video) or your childhood home. You can consume someone else's story or tell your own story. Not to be creepy and it isn't Halloween, but what if you could use augmented reality – digital overlay of content triggered by location or recognizing an object/symbol – of grave stones? Visiting a cemetary could be SO cool. Visting your apparel shop, grocery store, airport lounge, restaurant, bank branch, healthcare clinic could also be cool IF you use your imagination. 

Google's Ingress game layers both content and a game onto the physical world. (watch the video)

What's in it for the eBusiness professional? 

I'm not necessarily suggesting a scavenger hunt in your store. Ingress + Hint Water did pull this off – not a hunt, but what is a game that combines digital with the physical world as a game board? I remember when Starbucks ran a scavenger hunt that started with a SMS-based trivia game more than five years ago. It was a huge hit. 

Check out this campaign

This is an excerpt from blog from Russell Holly on February 25, 2013: Mobile

Ever since Google took the lid off of their Augmented Reality
game, Ingress, the big question on the minds of many has been
how to get a hold of an in-game code. A new answer to this
question, in the form of an enhancement of their existing product
placement, lies in a new deal with HINT water.
Getting an Ingress code is harder than it should be, unless you’re
Google and you want to continue driving excitement and anticipation
for your product. The initial reservation system still occasionally emails
a few invite codes out, but for the most part the way you get codes is to
get the attention of one of the community moderators. Once you are in
the game, there are daily puzzles everywhere that give you codes for
additional in-game power-ups. These codes are usually only good for a
couple of seconds after they are discovered, due to the volume of users
playing the game. Google’s partnership with HINT will now make ingame codes as easy as a walk to the convenience store.
Just like the SMS contests of yesteryear, game invite codes for Ingress
will soon be found under the caps of all HINT water flavors. Stores will
start receiving their shipments in the first week of March, and the
codes will allow the user to choose between Enlightenment or
Resistance — the game’s factions — once they are in the game. This
isn’t the first time HINT has made a showing in Ingress. The “main
character,” for lack of a better term, of the storyline part of Ingress so
far is a young woman named Klue. In her videos, Klue is regularly seen
with a bottle of HINT in her hands. The bottle cap promotion is the
start of HINT being known as the “knowledge elixir” in Ingress, playing
on the continued concept that the player is a member of an elite few
who know about the war being waged in game. Anyone who drinks the
knowledge elixir can see what is really going on, and therefore is
compelled to take a side and join the fight