The Age of the Customer is upon us and as a result, market leading strategies for mobile, big data, and customer experience are now required to satisfy an increasingly demanding client base.

Traditionally, IT organizations have existed to support internal operations but in today’s landscape, the technology leaders at the head of these organizations must play a key role when it comes to delivering solutions that support better external customer experiences. However, our research shows that most companies lack the sound technology strategies needed to effectively support the initiatives laid out by their peers in marketing and other lines of business.  

With business partners in need of help, it’s up to technology leaders to help identify and deliver solutions that will give their companies the competitive edge in the Age of the Customer. This fall, Forrester will host a Forum for Application Development & Delivery Professionals that will focus specifically on the top technologies, skills and practices you will need to take a leadership role in the development of world-class customer experiences at your company.

 The forum will address :

  • How to build new design competencies, architectures, and teams focused on the customer experience, and why it’s an opportunity as well as an obligation.
  • Why big data and analytics are key to supporting customer experience technology solutions, including predictive applications.
  • How to prepare for the mobile revolution by designing and delivering world-class, contextual solutions.
  • The importance of creating sustainable, agile platforms and managing agile portfolio solutions in the age of the customer.

 Save the date – October 17-18, 2013 in Indianapolis – and register to join us for an informative, enlightening experience.