Webconferencing is an important, multipurpose technology used by a quarter of information workers, half of which use it for work every day. It is a mature technology, with several vendors' products making it into the Leaders category of our evaluation. The Forrester Wave report updates our previous evaluation of the market and includes 11 products:

Adobe Connect, AT&T Connect, Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, FuzeBox FuzeMeeting, IBM Sametime*, IBM SmartCloud Meetings, InterCall Unified Meeting, Microsoft Lync, PGi GlobalMeet, and Saba Meeting.

Webconferencing is becoming even more useful as more firms use it for collaboration, training, and webinars, as some products replicate the capabilities of dedicated webcasting and eLearning solutions.

At the same time, however, we also see customers that are rejecting feature creep for tools that get back to the basics: high-quality screen sharing that's easy to use.

Whether you prefer a product that integrates with your unified communications and collaboration environment, that can also serve as a solution for videoconferencing, eLearning, or webinars — or none of the above — the user experience is a critical consideration for everyone.

Check out our Forrester Wave evaluation to see how we segment the major players along these decision criteria and more. I will be holding a webinar on October 15 to discuss the results of this evaluation, trends in webconferencing, and best practices for product selection.


*We included IBM Sametime 8.5, which was available at the time of the evaluation. Sametime 9, however, will be released next week and represents a significant overhaul to the platform.