The growing imbalance between the expectations of mobile users and the ability of enterprises to meet those expectations remains a key challenge. Users expect mobile productivity support, while CIO organizations are stuck on decisions about device deployments and policies.

Juggling different priorities for different stakeholders who expect greater support to exploit the mobile experience with the basic requirements for compliance and security remains a tall order. Time to revisit the top priorities. In Europe, these key trends will set the agenda for sourcing in the next twelve months:

  • The mobile cost equation shifts to devices and content. In 2014, we'll see the cost for broadband voice and data services as roaming charges coming down for enterprise customers. Users will shift their focus to the rising cost for immature services such as mobile device life-cycle management, application sourcing, and workplace integration.
  • CIOs will roll out corporate devices and embrace mobile content management. European CIOs realize that they are running out of time to shape the mobile workforce agenda. In 2014, we'll see a more strategic approach to mobile workforce engagement based on corporate device rollouts, clear policies, and mobile productivity.

My latest research report, European Mobile Workplace: The Strategic Sourcing Agenda In 2014 provides support for setting the sourcing agenda, supporting CIO organizations in their mobility plans for 2014. It addresses key issues such as steps to deliver on CYOD programs, mobile productivity content, and role-based packaging.