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Transformation Ahead For Channel Marketers: Insights From Our B2B Marketing Predictions Webinar

Kathy Contreras March 15, 2023
Channel organizations are at a pivotal moment. As partner networks have grown more complex, a more holistic, ecosystem-oriented approach is needed.

In 2022, Channel Marketers Must Prioritize Customer And Partner Value

Kathy Contreras October 4, 2021
A focus on enhancing partner experience and generating customer value are key to channel marketing success in the year ahead.

Looking Ahead: What Channel Marketing Leaders Must Prepare For In 2021

Kathy Contreras November 23, 2020
Understanding partner and buyer needs is paramount during 2021 planning. The current market disruption will have an ongoing impact on the channel, and channel marketers must cultivate acceptance and empathy toward partners and their buyers during these challenging times.

Are You Prepared for the Future of B2B Buying in the Channel?

Kathy Contreras August 11, 2020
  • In the future of B2B buying, there is a new set of buyer expectations that organizations must contend with
  • Direct and indirect buying processes will transform from seller led to buyer led
  • B2B channel marketing leaders must anticipate and plan for buyers’ evolving expectations

How to Optimize Channel Demand to Achieve Greater Results

Kathy Contreras April 29, 2020
  • Top CMO priorities include enhancing partner/channel marketing capabilities
  • CMOs’ number one challenge is developing programs that drive (channel) demand
  • B2B suppliers continue to struggle with partner adoption and execution of channel demand programs

Is It Time to Modernize Your Channel Partner Program?

Kathy Contreras March 21, 2018
  • B2B organizations often struggle to establish partner programs that can support their channel strategy and growth objectives
  • Many partner programs have not been transformed or adapted to address new and expanded routes to market, or to consolidate/simplify disjointed programs
  • Suppliers must modernize their partner programs to incorporate value measures, specializations and competencies

Meet the SiriusDecisions Channel Operating Model!

Kathy Contreras October 10, 2017
  • Continued changes in channel strategies and new trends and related best practices have inspired this recently evolved model – the Channel Operating Model
  • The new model represents the key processes and activities to support partners and establish channel excellence
  • Alignment between channel sales, channel marketing and channel operations remains a critical focus

Channel Highlights From SiriusDecisions Summit 2016

Kathy Contreras July 19, 2016
  • SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 featured eight great channel presentations in one exciting week
  • Topics included ABM, CX, Incentives, Channel Program Model, Channel Programs of the Year and more
  • Another great year for the channel at SD Summit 2016 – new models, frameworks and tools designed for channel success

The Channel Is Not a “Field of Dreams”

Kathy Contreras October 31, 2014
“If you build it, they will come.”  This line was made famous in the film Field of Dreams, which tells the story of  an Iowa corn farmer who builds a baseball diamond in his fields. Near the end of the film, countless cars can be seen approaching the field, fulfilling an earlier prophecy: “People will […]

The Channel Is Not a “Field of Dreams”

Kathy Contreras October 31, 2014

“If you build it, they will come.” This line was made famous in the film Field of Dreams …