It’s no surprise that digital disruption is everywhere. Empowered customers are disrupting every industry, and infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must adapt to this new reality. We believe that technology management is in the middle of a new evolutionary cycle that will transform I&O from its traditional role as infrastructure provider to a new role as a broker and manager of technology services.

It’s should also be no surprise, then, that cloud and mobile disruption is putting a strain on traditional infrastructure team organizational structures. Consolidated and hybrid cloud infrastructure needs a new organization, and you need to prepare your team for the new business technology era. To do so, you need to encourage your team to develop service management, automation, collaboration, and marketing skills, to name a few. We’re seeing a spike in inquiries about new organization models to speed the path to cloud.

Check out my latest report, Organize Your Infrastructure Team For Customer Obsession. It explains how to organize your infrastructure team and describes the most important roles and skills you need to help your business win, serve, and retain customers in the cloud and mobile era. I leveraged and expanded on concepts pioneered in two other reports, and I encourage you to read them as well: See the February 6, 2012, "Become Customer-Centric, Service-Focused, And Automated" and the February 13, 2014, "Transform Infrastructure And Operations For The Future Technology Management Cycle" reports, by my colleagues J.P. Garbani and Glenn O’Donnell.