I recently joined Forrester’s CMO team as a principal analyst covering agencies — the world where I spent most of my time over the past 15 years. I have been fortunate enough to have worked at thriving agencies as they have undergone major change: Avenue A as it built out its media capabilities and tools; OMD at its start — merging four strong media divisions to form one media buying firm; and for the past five years, 360i as it grew from a search powerhouse into an award-winning full service digital agency.

As marketers shift their focus to become more customer-obsessed, agencies are evolving to provide the strategy and services needed to usher brands into the age of the customer. My research will focus on how CMOs can navigate and nurture their agency relationships and how agencies can evolve their businesses in the post-digital agency landscape.

I explore this further in my report "Brief: Business Models Determine Agency Strengths," which details the role of an agency’s business model in setting its focus on innovation, integration, or implementation.

My latest report, "Brief: Scope Trumps Size In Media Agency Partnerships," is a must-read for CMOs and marketing leaders responsible for driving the most value from their media investment. As recent digital innovations challenge established media buying practices, it’s critical that marketers become more hands-on with their media strategy. This brief outlines how marketers can work with their agencies to prepare themselves for a time in the not-too-distant future when data and technology-driven media buying make up the majority of their investment.

I look forward to working with both marketers and agencies to conduct research that answers your questions and helps guide your decisions. Please reach out to me via email with suggestions or set up an inquiry to find out more about a specific topic.

I look forward to hearing from you!