The provider of your mobile workspace solutions will be more than just a provider of technology. Rather, the right provider will have to bring the right assets and experience to act as a strategic partner during the mobile mind shift transition. Therefore, a critical first step to succeed is to understand the vendor landscape for mobile workspace solutions. Picking the right service partner is particularly hard across Europe where specific user requirements and a fragmented and heterogeneous vendor landscape make the selection a complex task. My new report, Market Overview: European Mobile Workspace Services, assists CIOs in drawing up a mobile workspace strategy by providing an overview of the market and the key vendors. It includes profiles of Atos, Computacenter, CSC, HP, IBM, Orange, Telefónica, T-Systems, Unisys, and Vodafone. The key takeaways are as follows:

  • Business processes define mobile workspace solutions – not vice versa. CIOs need to collaborate with business-line managers to analyze and define actual business processes that can be enhanced through mobile workspace solutions. Only then can CIOs define the business technology that is required to support the business.
  • The European mobile workspace market is heterogeneous. Forrester data highlights big differences in business requirements and approaches regarding mobile workspace solutions. These differences make it all the more important for the CIO to select a vendor that understands specific business requirements and national markets for mobile workspace solutions.
  • Vendor selection is challenging as portfolios between vendors converge. Vendors from different backgrounds are developing their portfolios to match evolving market demand for mobile workspace solutions. They do this in a manner that manifests itself in ever more similar offerings. In turn, this makes it increasingly difficult for the CIO to select a clear leading vendor.
  • Leading mobile workspace providers focus on business processes, not technology. The ability to understand and support changing workspace dynamics from a strategic perspective and in a partnership role differentiates leading mobile workspace solution providers from traditional technology vendors. Successful CIOs will choose strategic mobile workspace solutions providers over technology-focused vendors.

If you want to know more about these trends, you can either download the full report or contact us. Do you disagree with the above statements? In your opinion, what will happen in the European mobile workspace market?