The start of a new year provides an opportunity to take stock of our environment and do things a bit differently. This year, I am addressing the role microvideo can play within a marketing strategy. 
Though we all enjoy receiving information about items that are of personal interest, we may find we have a few “go-to” sites.  This may be due to the presentation of the content, the ease with which we can interact with it, or a host of other reasons. Microvideo is versatile and provides numerous opportunities for marketers. Let’s use color as an analogy for this type of content. I have certain colors in my wardrobe because they work across a multitude of other colors. Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 color of the year, is described as an “elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors.” 
 Twitter profile for Pantone highlighting 2015 color of the year Marsala
Microvideo is similar. It can stand on its own or supplement targeted interactions with your customers. Just take a look at what Lowe's has done to keep us inspired. 
Vine profile for Lowe's
My first two documents will discuss how microvideo is increasingly supplementing and sometimes replacing traditional text-based communications. I will share inspirational company examples, along with tips to support your efforts in determining how best to use microvideo.  My goal is to help you enhance your marketing efforts with this content to help you win, serve, and retain customers. 
What would you like to hear? Feel free to let me know what challenges you’ll be tackling this year and what you are looking to accomplish. Perhaps one of your challenges could be my next research opportunity!