I’m ramping up to attend Strata in San Jose, February 18, 19 and 20th. Here is some info to help everyone who wants to connect and share thoughts. Looking forward to great sessions and a lot of thought leadership.

I’ll be setting aside some time for 1:1 meetings (Booked Full)

[Updated on 2/17] – I have set up some blocks of time to meet with people at Strata. Please follow the link below to schedule with me on a first come basis.


[Update] – I booked out inside 2 hours…didn't expect that! I may open up my calendar for more meetings but need to get a better bead on the sessions I want to attend first. Shoot to catch me at breakfast, will tweet out when I'm there.

I’ll be posting my thoughts and locations on Twitter

The best way to connect with me at Strata is to follow me on Twitter @practicingea

You can post @ me or DM me. I’ll be posting my location and you can drop by for ad hoc conversations as well.

I’m very interested in your point of view – data driven to insights driven

I am concluding very quickly that “big data” as we have viewed it for the last five years is not enough. I see firms using words like “real-time” or “right-time” or “fast data” to suggest the need is much bigger than big data – its about connecting data to action in a continuous learning loop.

What does this mean practically? It means that the focus of big data technology is shifting from Hadoop to a platform approach that includes “insights-to-execution” technologies. As a result we are seeing some strange bedfellows such as data science and knowledge management/collaboration, streaming analytics and agile software delivery tools, or finally machine learning data science and data ingestion / ETL.

It also means that the most important use cases are those that let businesses understand and serve increasingly powerful customers. The migration of Clickfox to Hadoop is a fascinating example. Wibidata’s real time customer experience platform is another.

If you have a good story to tell that fits or debunks my point of view – follow me on Twitter, reach out here (or there) and I’ll see you at the conference.