With a whopping 549 million monthly active users, WeChat has become the largest mobile social app in Asia Pacific. Smart marketers not only borrow mobile momentsfrom WeChat, but leverage its power across the customer life cycle. My recently published report, Reinvent Customer Relationships With WeChat Mobile, helps B2C marketers understand the dynamics of the WeChat mobile ecosystem and learn how to best ride the wave of the WeChat-dominated mobile revolution in China. The report:

  • Shows how dominant WeChat is in Chinese consumers’ mobile lives.WeChat has become the default social networking tool in China and has disrupted consumers’ mobile behaviors. Metro Chinese consumers already spend more than half of their mobile Internet time on it. In the past year, WeChat users consumed US$15.3 billion worth of mobile data— more than Weibo, shopping, video, music, mapping, and email services combined.
  • Identifies the core features and services of the WeChat mobile ecosystem.WeChat is far more than a messaging app; it’s a rich mobile ecosystem filled with powerful features and services. The key ones that marketers can leverage include branded public accounts, advertising, WeChat Payment, eCommerce, smart services, and linking online to offline.
  • Provides guidance on using WeChat across the mobile customer life cycle. Forrester’s six-phase customer life cycle provides a powerful and actionable framework for marketing in the age of the customer. To better leverage the power of WeChat, marketers need to put customers at the center of the ecosystem and interact with them across the customer life cycle, using different features and services of WeChat at each phase.

As the platform keeps evolving and growing, WeChat will continue to reinvent the relationship between brands and customers. To learn more about the WeChat mobile ecosystem and how marketers can leverage it better, please read the full report.