Happy CX Day! As part of our CX Day celebrations, which include a very special episode of CX Cast, and a comprehensive CX reading list that doubles as a holiday gift buying guide for the CX pro in your life, we are launching a new report: Why CX? Why Now? 

In collaboration with my colleague, Sam Stern, we looked at why now is the time for CX pros to convince executives and colleagues at their organizations to double down on improving the customer experience. To make it a lot easier for you to message this across in your firm, we included an infographic that:

  • Conveys without a doubt how urgent it is to invest in CX because your customers, competitors and employees are changing!
  • Gives you six tangible business benefits from improving customer experience that will help you make the case for why CX drives business results. For example, Southwest Airlines, a consistent CX leader, has been profitable for 43 consecutive years, in an industry better known for red ink and bankruptcies.
  • Tells you which challenges most companies (and probably yours) face on the road to better CX. One example: More than half of CX pros said that their organization’s culture impedes their success.
  • Shows the path to improving CX, starting from a CX vision, continuing with building CX competencies and strengthening your business technology foundation.

And finally, we explain how Forrester can help. Our research of course, but also the weekly podcast “CX Cast,” our library of webinars, the annual series of CX Forums, and consulting and data resources like CX Index. Our goal is to help CX professionals thrive.

Below a preview of the top of the infographic which helps you create or renew the sense of urgency with your executives in order to (re-)ignite your company’s CX efforts. For the rest of the infographic, check out the report.

Happy CX Day from all of us at Forrester!