Get used to it. Gone are the days of stability and predictability. The business environment you operate in will change faster than ever in 2017. Many of these changes will be outside of your control, but your ability to anticipate and respond will make or break your success. At the heart of this change is the ever-more empowered customer that will accelerate a domino effect of changes in the business environment in which you operate. So here is a quick summary of some of the actions we expect CIOs to take in 2017.

■        Empowered customers drive strategy. Customer obsession is paramount for business success in this rapidly changing world. Ever growing numbers of devices and information lead to a desire for new products and services at a rapid pace. CIOs need to extend their focus beyond building great customer experiences. Striving for speed and flexibility in re-designing core operational function and leveraging emerging technology are both necessary to meet these accelerating customer needs.

■        CIOs will correct bi-modal missteps. Over the past few years, many CIOs fell for the false promise of a bi-modal strategy. But those CIOs are already experiencing the shortcomings of operating a two speeds. Business peer frustration, polarizing and deteriorating cultures, and unsustainable operational complexities will continue, ultimately spurring most of these CIOs to course correct in 2017.

■        CIOs will leverage emerging tech to co-lead on innovation. Beyond the need to drive operations faster, CIOs have a host of emerging technology choices. In our prediction dochighlight the top 5 technologies that we believe will impact the CIO in 2017. But to make the investments worth the money, CIOs will have to drive more concerted efforts together with their business peers to tackle innovation and business model change

■        Open source will drive speed of innovation and faster time-to-market. Included in our predictions is the opportunity that open source presents. Open source already plays an important role for the technology team.  In 2017, we see that role expanding into areas such as product-related software, customer experience, and process solutions, that need to cut across business and technology silos.

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