The company that drove server disruption with its 1990s virtualization solution saw its value disrupted by cloud computing in the 2000s. It then struggled for years to extend its value to cloud effectively. In 2016, it finally embraced public cloud as the reality for enterprise digital transformation advancement but went Amazon Web Services-only. And it took them another year to embrace its other disruptor: containers.

This month, it finally reached a position to empower the multicloud reality of most organizations with its support for its technologies on and leverage of Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

And with its acquisition of CloudHealth, it is now in a position not only to host your hybrid cloud applications but can now help drive security, software-defined networking connectivity, and cost and best-practice optimization.

CIOs can now leverage VMware to help shift their I&O teams from tactical management to become empowerers of your company’s digital transformation efforts.

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