I'm really jazzed to see some of my favorite applications making their way on to the Apple platform and into the applications store. And some of the best ones are FREE!!!

The majority of cell phone users (ok, well the minority buy applications, but among those who do buy and download content to their cell phones) who buy content and applications for their phones do so directly from the carriers' decks. There are lots of limitations as we know. OTA allows the purchased to be spontaneous, but it can be difficult to find what you want.

An iTunes experience for mobile applications that is on par with their music, video, podcasting, etc. experience could really move the needle – at least for iPhone users in the near term. I have so many other reasons already to sync my iPhone with my computer to get my latest music, podcasts, photos, etc.

I've mostly been looking through press releases to see what is there plus searching for some of my favorites. Good to see a lot of location-based applications (Loopt, Where) and utilities – applications that go well beyond personalization and appeal to a more mature audience.

AT&T also announced today that they are delivering 1.4Mbps to handsets – those speeds rival your average crowded Wi-Fi hotspot.

I'm very anxious to begin downloading some applications and see how the device and the platform have been leveraged.

My colleague Michael Gartenberg is covering the launch in more detail and fielding press calls for us.