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Teamwork Lessons From Config 2024

AJ Joplin 2 days ago
Read on to learn how Figma is approaching rapid growth, organization, partnership, craftsmanship, and collaboration.

Five Questions To Ask Yourself To Get The Most Out Of Your Customer Interviews

Senem Guler Biyikli June 24, 2024
Interviewing is a key method for gathering rich qualitative data in customer research. To get the most out of your customer interviews and produce data that drives decision-making, ask yourself these five questions.

A Rising Tide: Updates On NOAA’s CX Transformation

AJ Joplin April 18, 2024
Learn how working with Forrester has helped NOAA achieve a five-year CX transformation in just two years.

Four Indicators: Is Your Customer Experience An Afterthought?

AJ Joplin December 13, 2022
An alarming number of companies still focus on everything but customer experience. Let’s look at the systemic issues behind this lack of focus.

Five Findings From Forrester’s Digital Experience Review™ Of Retail Mobile Sites

Nicole Murgia October 18, 2022
More than half of US online adults use smartphones to research and purchase products and services, making retail mobile websites an integral part of the shopping journey. In our newly published report, The Forrester Digital Experience Review™: US Retail Mobile Sites, Q4 2022, we reviewed the mobile websites of 10 retailers — Best Buy, Kohl’s, […]

Why You Must Assess Experiences For Inclusion — And How

AJ Joplin September 19, 2022
You want to create inclusive experiences for your customers. You have a diverse and inclusive design team and practice inclusive design. But once you create the experiences you wanted, how do you know if you succeeded in making them truly inclusive?

Five Digital CX And Design Trends Worth Watching In 2022

AJ Joplin May 10, 2022
Forrester’s CX analysts have released “Digital CX And Design Trends, 2022” — here’s a preview.