The Future of Work team has been busy preparing for Forrester’s CX Summit North America. Looking ahead to June 17–20 in Nashville, my colleagues and I have spent months connecting our research not only within our team but also across Forrester to bring attendees four powerful days of content and interaction.

What You Have To Look Forward To

Our Future of Work research continues to focus on the human elements of work and, now, how best to leverage AI to create better work experiences. Our team’s sessions will dig into various aspects of human-AI interaction:

  • I will be leading sessions on how generative AI will transform the recruiting of teams and how to think about organizational effectiveness as a dynamic system and manage your team like the amazing leader you are.
  • Jonathan Roberts will lead an informative and thought-provoking panel about AI’s potential impact on DEI priorities, and we’ll be teaming up for a session on how to support a culture of collaboration and alignment.
  • Angelina Gennis is overseeing our “Human-Centered, AI-Ready Leadership” track and will present on how to build an AI-ready culture, starting with your organization’s current culture and moving to navigating the changes that AI will require and bring.
  • J. P. Gownder will cohost a track called “The Future Of Humans + AI,” which will really connect our human-focused approach to every key AI-related theme. Plus, he’ll deliver the opening keynote of the event, a thought-provoking call to action to create boundless experiences for customers using humans + AI.
  • Katy Tynan will be found in many places throughout the event, kicking off our leadership track sessions with the provocatively titled “Are You A Better Boss Than A Bot?” That’s a question you definitely want to answer for yourself.
  • David Johnson will lead a compelling session called “Cracking The Code Of Employee-Led AI Adoption,” in which he’ll share examples of companies that have learned to let their employees guide their embrace of AI to serve customers.

If you’re like us, a key value of attending these events is the opportunity to finally meet in person the folks we’ve spent months talking to over screens. Whether you’ve engaged with Forrester before or attended CX Summit in the past, we’re excited to welcome you. Learn more about CX Summit North America and register here.