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Navigating The Era Of E-Privacy And The Cookieless World

Fernando Pena April 25, 2023
With the future of cookies uncertain, marketers must explore other options to survive and thrive in this era of e-privacy.

Gain Insight Into B2B Martech Decisions And Trends

Fernando Pena October 25, 2022
Have you wondered what other B2B leaders think of martech solutions? Here’s your chance to help shape the future of B2B marketing technology decisions.

For Marketing Operations Leaders, 2023 Brings Opportunity Amid Uncertainty

Fernando Pena August 30, 2022
Data-driven, actionable insights will be critical for weathering economic turbulence. Providing these insights ranks high among marketing operations teams’ priorities in the year ahead.

Four Takeaways From B2B Summit North America

Fernando Pena June 8, 2022
Here are my key takeaways from my first time at Forrester's B2B Summit North America.

Change And A New Forrester Analyst’s Perspective

Fernando Pena May 13, 2022
Organizations should be positioned to recognize change as a new opportunity, not a daunting task. But we know that's not always easy.