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Co-creating Customer Experiences? Match Objectives To Desired Outcomes

Ron Rogowski February 8, 2016
One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things about helping Forrester clients become customer-obsessed is leading an experience co-creation workshop.  Forrester defines co-creation as the active participation of employees, customers, and stakeholders working together to design new experiences. It’s a technique that helps companies define the right experience for their customers and provides critical information […]

Evolve Beyond Omnichannel To Delivering Unified Experiences

Ron Rogowski September 26, 2013
What does “omnichannel” really mean? And is it a viable strategy for customer experience professionals? For customer experience professionals, omnichannel — the popular buzzword used to describe a company’s efforts to wrangle a consistent experience across all channels — is already legacy thinking that represents a limited approach for designing and delivering services. Instead of […]

Build Enjoyable Experiences

Ron Rogowski September 25, 2013
We’ve probably all heard some story about over-the-top customer experience in our day. Like the story about the family on vacation at the Ritz Carlton, Bali. The family of a child with a severe food allergy was on vacation. The food they’d brought for their child spoiled en route. When they arrived, the manager of […]

Are You Prepared To Meet The Needs Of Your Hyperconnected Customers?

Ron Rogowski June 11, 2013
Today’s customers are highly empowered, hyperactive, and incredibly distracted by all of the options available to them for connecting with the things and people that matter to them most. These customers come to you with highly complex goals that they themselves cannot always accurately define — goals for which they don’t necessarily follow the seemingly logical […]

Introducing Forrester’s Digital Customer Experience Improvement Playbook

Ron Rogowski August 15, 2012
Firms are increasing their focus on and investment in digital touchpoints. Why? Because digital touchpoints are critical parts of the customer experience ecosystem that offer your customers access to your firm anytime, anywhere. But when these touchpoints aren't optimized to reflect the way customers want to interact, firms: Send customers to higher-cost channels. Seventy-five percent of […]

It’s Time To Develop Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

Ron Rogowski July 14, 2011
Today’s digital landscape is complex. As companies use digital interfaces to engage with customers and foster long-term relationships, customer interactions are spanning an increasing array of touchpoints, with customers often crossing multiple channels in the pursuit of a single goal. While this new reality is riddled with challenges, it’s also ripe with opportunities for companies […]

Differentiate Digital Experiences By Building A Strong Brand Personality

Ron Rogowski March 22, 2011
Ever wonder why most digital interactions fail to engage users? In part, it’s because users can’t easily decipher who they’re dealing with. Instead of actively developing unique experiences that support how they want their brands to be perceived, companies chase features and functions that others have implemented. At best, the result is bland cookie-cutter experiences […]

Brand Experience Workshop: Learn The Tools Of Website Brand Experience Reviews (April 4th, San Francisco Marriott Marquis)

Ron Rogowski March 8, 2011
Ever wonder why websites offer such lackluster brand experiences? Want to know how your site can help you differentiate your brand? If you care about how your brand succeeds online and are attending Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2011, I encourage you to consider attending our Website Brand Experience Review Workshop on Monday, April 4th (the day before […]

The Online Change Of Address Nightmare

Ron Rogowski March 3, 2011
At some point in our lives, we all go through the challenge of moving, and it isn’t a whole lot of fun, even when it should be. You have to find a place to move, make offers, secure loans and income verification… all that fun stuff that you swear to yourself you’ll never go through […]

Why Your Website Still Matters

Ron Rogowski January 31, 2011
The explosion of smartphones and tablet computers has companies frantic to build useful apps for serving their customers. Forrester agrees that companies should be building ways for customers to interact with them at the time and place that’s most relevant to them. But in the frenzy of the moment, too many companies have let their […]

Users Can’t Always Tell You What Their Real Goals Are, But The Right Kind Of Research Can

Ron Rogowski January 24, 2011
Lately it’s become en vogue to talk about how to “surprise and delight” your customers. And why not? If companies are competing on experience, they need to find ways to impress and engage their customers. Figuring out how to do this is difficult but doable. I recently had the pleasure of editing a report that […]

Customer Experience Is Emotional By Definition

Ron Rogowski November 30, 2010
Harley Manning recently wrote a post that explained Forrester’s definition of customer experience as: “How customers perceive their interactions with your company.” The key word I want to focus on here is “perceive.” While business success is viewed by metrics like conversions or average order size, for customers, their level of satisfaction is tied to the […]

Top 10 Web Design Fixes For Improving Business Results Workshop (December 7th, San Francisco, CA)

Ron Rogowski November 17, 2010
Even the best Web sites have usability flaws that stop customers from buying products or services, finding information, and getting help. Yet many of these problems are easy to find and not much harder to fix — if you know what to look for. And the benefits of fixing these common usability problems can be […]

Brand-Building Web Site Best Practices From 2010

Ron Rogowski November 9, 2010
During 2010, my colleagues on the Customer Experience team at Forrester and I evaluated the Brand Experience at the Web sites of 14 companies across three industries (and wrote individual reports for each industry). Specifically, we reviewed five auto manufacturers (Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Toyota), four hotels (Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton), and […]

Now More Than Ever, Firms Need Frameworks For Managing Global Online Standards

Ron Rogowski October 22, 2010
I’ve recently had several conversations with companies that are looking to improve how they standardize online experiences around the globe. It’s something I’ve been helping firms with for some time. It’s always been a complex issue, but now it’s getting even more challenging because we’re moving to a new era of online experience. As outlined […]

Great Customer Experiences Balance Empathy With Problem Solving

Ron Rogowski October 18, 2010
I recently wrote a post describing an experience I had with an Empowered customer service rep at American Express. To sum it up, my 2-year-old was getting credit card applications in the mail so I called to get it stopped. The agent was surprised that this could have happened and moved quickly to get my […]

Brand Experience Workshop: Learn The Tools Of Web Site Brand Experience Reviews (October 27th, Hilton Chicago)

Ron Rogowski October 14, 2010
Ever wonder why Web sites offer such lackluster brand experiences? Want to know how your site can help you differentiate your brand online? If you care about how your brand succeeds online and are attending Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2010, I encourage you to consider attending our Web Site Brand Review workshop on Wednesday, October 27th […]

(By Any Other Name) RIAs Will Power Future Online Experiences

Ron Rogowski October 13, 2010
For a long time, people have debated the meaning of every part of the acronym RIA (rich Internet application). What is rich? What do you mean by "Internet"? What's an application as opposed to a site that renders content? (The last one has become clearer for some apps that sit outside of the browser but is […]

An Experience With An American Express HERO

Ron Rogowski October 7, 2010
Ever since I signed my daughter up for a frequent-flier program, she's been receiving at least one credit card offer from American Express every week. Problem is, she's 2. It's unnerving to say the least to have these kinds of offers coming to your kids, but it's not hard to imagine how it happened. In […]

How Good Is The Brand Experience At Hotel Sites? Not Very

Ron Rogowski September 24, 2010
As part of Forrester’s ongoing initiative to provide annual industry benchmarks of online customer experiences, we recently evaluated the Brand Experience of four hotel brands’ Web sites (Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton). Using our Web Site Brand Experience Review methodology, we set out to test 1) how well the sites supported their key brand attributes […]
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