There’s a meme that has been circulating in blogs for the past couple of weeks called "five things you didn’t know about me."  After posting an entry on my personal blog, I tagged five people with only moderate expectations that they would participate – and three already have (same day!):  Eric Kintz at HP and Charlene Li at Forrester, and Marianne Richmond of Resonance Partnership.

These posts demonstrate a best practice in corporate blogging – humanizing the digital experience.  Moreover, they got me thinking about this blog; six months ago, I posted about a process check on how we’re doing.  The feedback was clear:  we needed to bring out individual voices.  Since then, we’ve tried to make posts more personal and have added new voices to the conversation.

Back to five things:  seems like a perfect opportunity to share more about who’s blogging here.  I’m cross-posting mine:

  1. My first job was scooping ice cream at a local shop – the kind
    of place where we made it ourselves.  One responsibility – keep my
    recovering alcoholic co-worker away from the Maker’s Mark used for bourbon ball ice cream.  (He did whippits instead.)
  2. I won tickets to see R.E.M. in 1989 by winning a local radio station contest to see who could Stand on one leg the longest.
  3. I graduated from college before I could drink legally.  No bars meant four years of plan b.
  4. In 1998, I visited North Korea.  It was like stepping into a time warp, almost something you’d see in a movie.  Some day I’ll find the pictures and post to Flickr.
  5. And finally more on my name and why I started blogging – including how I learned to love the blog.

And also tagging the rest of the team:  Brian Haven, Christine Overby, Dave Frankland, Elana Anderson, Lisa Bradner, Shar VanBoskirk, and Suresh Vittal.  Laura Ramos has already been tagged and Charlene Li has already posted.  In addition, we have a great team of researchers and research associates who participate in our weekly "blogjam" sessions:  Chloe Stromberg, Jennifer Joseph, Julie Katz, Sarah Glass, and Tenley McHarg.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t tag anyone externally…so Emily Riley at Jupiter and Andrew Frank at Gartner – you’re it!