1. Are you an analytics platform or service provider serving primarily B2B businesses?
  2. Does your product or service help B2B insights professionals measure their results, understand B2B customers, and drive market growth?

Well, I need your help to help the buyers that need your products and services. There is a myriad of partner options for B2B insights professionals that need help turning their data into insights, understanding the impact of go-to-market channels, analyzing their firm’s business performance in the context of established goals, and elevating marketing tactics and other activity to the level of business insights. Frankly, the B2B analytics landscape needs some definition.

To that end, I’m kicking off a Now Tech research report on B2B measurement and analytics. A Now Tech report helps Forrester clients understand and identify the vendors that align with their most critical business technology issues.

So would you like to participate? Get in touch. Email my research partner Aldila Yunus at ayunus@forrester.com and tell her you’d like to participate. We’ll take it from there.
Now Tech: B2B Measurement and Analytics