So unless you’ve been living under a corporate rock for the past few years, you’ve certainly been bombarded with buzz around two words: “customer experience.”

The problem with customer experience (CX) is just that — often, it’s a buzzword that everybody talks about it but few get right. How do we know?

We’ve been measuring the CX of Indian brands for the past few years, and having looked at all the data, a pattern emerges: A few specific CX issues persist and continue to drag down Indian firms’ CX scores year after year.

This year, at Forrester’s Digital Transformation & Innovation India 2019 Forum in Mumbai, we intend to shine light on these issues. Helping us do this are three stellar speakers from India’s best-known organizations:

Come listen to these firms’ stories about how they innovate around these same issues and take actionable insights back to your own organization. We intend to stay away from buzzwords and make it real — promise.

See you at the Forum!