If you’re looking to get a handle on the explosion of content at your company, follow the lead of many organizations that have turned to digital asset management (DAM) to manage the entire content life cycle. More than 75% of global software decision makers are implementing or planning to implement DAM. How should you take advantage of this technology? DAM empowers collaboration in the upstream creative process; it provides a central repository that is a single source of truth, and it integrates into downstream technologies to deliver content to omnichannel endpoints.

Forrester surveyed 33 vendors that told us they are prioritizing AI and integrations investments this year. How should you leverage artificial intelligence for your rich media? AI can help categorize large libraries of content with metadata that wouldn’t otherwise exist or that simply takes too long to enter manually. If you’re relying on file names or folders, AI can help unlock your assets for great use across the organization. Check out our recent infographic for a snapshot of DAM’s capabilities and trends and to determine whether your business and functionality requirements necessitate a DAM.

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