Dear Brand,

We know you love your customers. You do your best – to catch their eye, hold their attention, serve and pamper them, and help them in need. And then hope they keep coming back for more. In fact, you hope you did such a bang-up job of impressing them in the first place that they bring their friends along too!

But how do you know it’s working? How do you know *what’s* working, what’s not? What impressions do your customers carry of you? How do you figure what’s making your customers stay or why they’re walking away? How do you know they’re receiving the same customer experience that you planned so well to deliver to them? Do you need to change something? What is it? Doing *what* is your best bet to improve your CX?

So many questions. One simple answer: Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX IndexTM) – a one-stop methodology that quantifies the customer experience you provide your customers. Based on inputs provided by *your* customers. Not us, nor some suit-wearing fortune-teller, not you yourself – but your own customers. The CX Index not only quantifies the quality of your CX but also measures its effect on the loyalty. And, beneath it all, the CX Index helps you answer key questions about your brand’s performance – what’s making it successful, what’s causing it to fail, what parts of your CX need to be improved, and where you should focus your efforts for maximum impact.

This year, we used this methodology to benchmark the CX quality of 36 major Indian brands in five industriesbanks, credit cards, general insurance, traditional retail, and digital-only retail, surveying over 9000 Indian consumers in the process.

So, dear brand, your report card is in. Come next week, we will release the results of our benchmark study for each of these industries. Watch this space for more.