(Dave Novitzky contributed to this blog)

It’s January, snowy, unbearably cold, and to make matters worse, a Monday. You’re trying to make it to the weekend so you don’t need to go outside . . . until you see an empty lounge chair on a beautiful warm beach floating down the Hudson River. Yes, you read that right.

Not a fan of the beach?

How about walking into a subway station and finding yourself surrounded by videos of an ice-cold beverage on a 90-degree day in the middle of August?

Do I have your attention now?

Sure, these ideas sound crazy and physically impossible, but thanks to digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), they are very possible. Out-of-home advertising may seem like a blast from the past, but thanks to a healthy dose of digital innovation, it’s becoming an enticing and effective means of advertising for marketers increasingly challenged with cutting through ad clutter and capturing elusive consumer attention.

What makes DOOH worth a look? It offers marketers like you:

  • The ability to go to your consumers. A staggering 360,000 consumers walk through New York City’s Times Square a day! DOOH ad formats like the kinds found in Times Square grant marketers a rare opportunity to connect with people in person without relying on consumers’ devices.
  • The power to tailor creative in real time. The examples above are just a glimpse of the inspiring potential with DOOH creative that simply isn’t possible with traditional out-of-home advertising nor even necessarily with other forms of digital. Think of, for example, the opportunity this creates for a retailer using digital billboard space to showcase sunglasses on a bright, sunny day and raincoats on a rainy one.
  • An antidote to digital ad blocking. You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketer who has something nice to say about ad blockers, and with ad blocking topping north of 30% in adoption, it’s an industry reality. DOOH gives marketers hope by providing a captivating way of advertising that 82% of travelers recall seeing.

Check out our latest research on DOOH to learn how one outdoor retailer saw a double digit increase in awareness using this new ad channel and to learn about the other perks of digital out-of-home advertising — such as how marketers can impact the revolution of DOOH.