In the past two business days, my colleagues and I have published the Q3 2019 iterations of our digital experience (DX) platforms Now Tech and Forrester Wave™. (A big sigh of relief and huge thank-you to everyone who supported this research!)

Unfortunately, despite our consistent and transparent body of DX research dating back to 2013, there remains a great deal of confusion in the market just on the “DX platform” naming. In the hopes of curing (some of) that confusion, we have pulled together a few nuggets from the research and even a few small things that weren’t in the reports.

My primary goal for this post is to foster an industry discussion to create a shared understanding of DX platforms — both on the software and the strategy sides of the house. My secondary goal is to stimulate smaller conversations with you (dear reader), so if you’re a client, please set up an inquiry or a briefing (vendors) soon! I look forward to conversations.