Forrester recently surveyed 51 XD providers — agencies and consultancies with varied expertise such as Astro Studios, Fantasy, frog design, Punchcut, and Work & Co — that provide experience design (XD) services. And we frequently conduct interviews with many of them and their clients.

We’re publishing a series of blog posts highlighting insights from that research. Here’s a running list that we’ll update each time we publish a new post on the topic:

For more insights from our research about XD providers, see (if you’re a Forrester client) “At A Glance: How To Select An Experience Design Provider,” a one-page overview of our research explaining what you need to know to make a smart choice among the many providers in this crowded landscape.

These posts and the research reports they link to are based on Forrester’s:

  • Experience design (XD) provider survey of 51 agencies and consultancies.
  • Findings from our frequent interviews of XD providers and their client companies.

If your company needs guidance about XD providers and your selection process — or if you’re an XD provider and would like to know more about our research into this landscape — Forrester is available to help through customized advisory services.