Technology automation tools are not new, and firms have been using them for decades. The business impact of automation has grown exponentially, however. The industry has moved past the inflection point where we could manage the technology infrastructure manually. Today, automation is no longer about cost or workforce optimization — it improves service delivery and business agility. Look no further than Hotstar. There is no way that the broadcaster can serve a huge spike that results in millions of live subscribers without complete end-to-end automation.

Automation offerings are exploding with the influence of on-premises, multiple public clouds, cloud-native app development, SaaS, and edge deployments. To serve the business, tech leaders must know the contemporary vendor landscape and its offerings.

I’m excited to be kicking off a new research report that’s focused on the “infrastructure automation” vendor landscape — the various offerings, the problems they solve, and investigating the question of “Who does infrastructure automation serve, and how?”

How to participate: Jack MacPhee and Faith Born will reach out to many of you (by Friday, July 29) but may miss out on some. If you offer infrastructure automation solutions and have not received the email, please do reach out to them. We will share a questionnaire for your responses.

Participation benefits:

  • The research report presents your technology, capabilities, and market presence to Forrester clients.
  • You get a complimentary copy of the report as a gesture thanking you for your participation in this research.

We thank you in advance for your input and assistance!