Are you wondering how to integrate and manage the Gen Z employees in your organization? We, Hannah and Dan, are hosting a webinar in which we bring together a Gen Z perspective (Hannah) and a Gen X perspective (Dan) to discuss Forrester research findings on Gen Z in the workplace.

Rather than just looking at our survey data, this webinar will be a discussion, which we hope you will join. Here are some snippets of topics that we will discuss.

Dan: “Hannah, could you please give me an idea of why Gen Z employees might manifest a departure from established ways of working?”

Hannah: “I am part of the much-discussed generation currently mixing up the workforce. Although Gen Z has a reputation for taking life easy, my generation embodies the beginning of change to many entrenched patterns of the workplace, triggered by a mix of current and recent global events such as the pandemic, climate change, and economic uncertainties.”

Dan: “What is defining you in the workplace — can it even be defined?”

Hannah: “We [Gen Z] have had to learn to be flexible, pick up new skills, and adapt to change — even before we entered the workforce. This taught us to care about what is happening in the world and around us. People will always have personal preferences. And as with any generation, preferences for remote or office-based work, management styles, benefits, or employer brand are bound to vary within Gen Z.

Dan: What are you looking for in an employer?”

Hannah: We are hoping for the same adaptability and care from our employers. What matters is that employers are open to being flexible themselves, are willing to listen to employees, and trust them to manage their work in a way that is healthy, productive, and creative.”

Of course, our discussion won’t be scripted. But we plan to cover issues like key attributes that define Gen Z, challenges with integrating Gen Z employees, benefits of integrating Gen Z in the workforce, main incentives for attracting Gen Z employees, what role green sustainability plays, and how managers should address managing intergenerational teams.

Join us to discuss Gen Z in the workplace by registering here. If you are a Forrester customer, you can also read our report, Ready Or Not, Gen Z Is Already In Your Workforce, which helps you effectively welcome Gen Z to your organization.