When business or technology executives ponder improving company results with digital transformation, it’s safe to say that investment in product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions isn’t the first thing that pops into their heads. Instead, they gravitate to IoT initiatives or improving customer experience. But what senior stakeholders often miss is that to enable many of the exciting digital initiatives we hear about today, they need to modernize core operational systems of record like PLM.

Think about it — it’s hard to drive value from the operational data coming off a product in the field if you don’t know the design specs and tolerances of that product to begin with. But getting CEOs and the board to make this connection is difficult and requires strategic messaging.

In my new report, “Make The Business Case For Investing In PLM,” I examine several approaches that product leaders should use to help the rest of their organization understand how important a good PLM strategy and solution will be in the digital-product era. Some of the approaches focus on tapping into larger momentum around digital transformations, while others focus on the importance of good employee experiences. The report is a good resource for technology and R&D professionals who feel the pain around their current PLM system but have trouble conveying the urgency of upgrades to their boss or their boss’ boss.

If this dynamic sounds familiar, please reach out, and we can have a conversation on how to tailor this research to be most effective within the cultural and vertical dynamics of your firm.