Demand creation has traditionally focused on addressing a broad range of demand needs. Account-based marketing (ABM) historically focused on defined accounts in four deployment models: large, named, industry, and customer.

The distance between demand and account-based marketing has narrowed significantly due to the disruptive impact of the pandemic and the need to connect more buyers in more accounts across multiple touchpoints. This intersection is intensifying as companies seek to rationalize demand and ABM strategies to improve efficiencies and achieve scale.

We’ve been predicting the concept of convergence for demand and ABM for a few years now. We’re seeing interactions expand across the buyer’s journey, and we’re leveraging technology, data, and tactics to meet buyers where they are. We’re having ABM discussions for thousands of accounts, truly an at-scale motion.

We believe the explosion of technology has been pivotal to making demand smarter and ABM at scale possible. But for the future and the next evolution, what’s beyond convergence? What’s next? And how will leaders prepare?

In our session, “Smarter Demand, Scalable ABM: B2B Marketing’s Next Evolution,” at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America on Monday, May 2, 2022, Robert Peterson and I will share four limitations demand and ABM marketers must address today. Join us as we show you how to get beyond acquisition, beyond leads, beyond sourcing, and beyond technology. We’ll talk about a detailed vision for change and provide practical advice on how to go beyond convergence.