mCommerce today is often characterized as online purchases made on a smartphone or mobile payments (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay). As our colleague James McQuivey would say, that is simply doing old things in new ways — not doing new things.

We define mobile as any device with a cellular connection. It could be a smartphone. Could be a smart watch. Could be virtual reality glasses (and much more) in the future. It could also be a device that depends on a smartphone — like many smart watches do today. Consumers will still purchase products or services on these devices. What we want to explore is: What are the net new ways of shopping or consuming services that will drive consumers to spend more money via their mobile devices?

Sucharita Kodali and I have set out on a journey to explore what mCommerce will be in 2030. We are seeking companies that are taking unique approaches to solving today’s retail, travel, insurance, banking, and healthcare challenges — and more. We also want to speak to companies creating the core enabling technologies for new experiences. If you have a product, technology, or service that you feel should be included in our story, please reach out to me at or Heidi Anderson at