Just saw this post in moco. INQ did a Facebook phone last year that I think offers one of the best social networking experiences on a cell phone. They truly integrated content from Facebook into the contact list. My two cents is that social networking features on cell phones like these will make cell phones the preferred device for these activities – may even trump the PC longer term. Am hoping to prove with some research later this summer.

INQ Mobile To Release Twitter Phone

By Dianne See Morrison – Tue 02 Jun 2009 08:10 AM PST


INQ Mobile, the cellphone maker behind the "Facebook Phone," is hopping to tap into Twitter's surging popularity by releasing a Twitter phone, in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season, Reuters reports. Like its Facebook phone, the Twitter phone would be a mass-market feature phone, and would cost carriers less than $140. So far, INQ's phones, which also includes a Skype phone, have only been picked up by carrier Three, whose parent company, Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa, also owns INQ. Since the launch of its Skype phone in 2007, the cellphone maker has sold a total of 700,000 devices.

Still, 3 UK reports that the INQ1 drives three to four times higher traffic than other phones. 3 UK director of sales and marketing Marc Allera told Reuters that 65 percent of INQ1 owners used Facebook on a regular basis, and 50 percent used Windows Live Messenger, which is also pre-loaded on the phone. Allera said the only other phone that could generate that traffic was the iPhone, and that even other smartphones couldn't deliver those numbers. Allera said, "On usual smartphones the internet experience is in no way close and their price is 3-4 times higher."