“Well, it’s about time.”

That’s what I hear every time I mention that we are going to cover the Adobe services market. When my Singapore-based colleague Xiaofeng Wang first suggested this, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. We’ve been doing Forrester Wave™ evaluations on Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle services for years. Why not also evaluate the services for the most common experience platform? So we are.

We gathered information from 24 of the most important global agencies, consultancies, and tech service providers doing Adobe implementations and the strategy, design, and transformation. We’ll publish the summary results in our “Now Tech: Adobe Implementation Services, Q1 2020” report any day now. So we can talk about them (or any of the other 52 service providers we track doing Adobe services) today. And once the Wave is done in June 2020, we’ll be able to go deep into the Adobe practices of the 10–15 most important providers.

Xiaofeng and I recorded this video to show you what we’re up to. (Thanks, Caleb Ewald!)