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Votre entreprise peut-elle devenir une organisation high-performance IT ?

Ted Schadler 14 May 2024
Pour commencer votre parcours vers le high-performance IT, vous devez évaluer les besoins de votre entreprise, vos styles technologiques actuels et l'état de préparation de votre organisation à l'exécution. Commencez par découvrir les quatre étapes clés de l'évaluation de votre état de préparation à l'informatique de haute performance dans cet article.

High-Performance-IT sorgt für eine ständige Verbesserung der Geschäftsergebnisse durch zielgerichtete Technologie

Matthew Guarini 22 April 2024
Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Unternehmensleistung verbessern können, indem Sie die drei Kernprinzipien unseres Hochleistungs-IT-Modells mit einem von vier IT-Stilen in Einklang bringen.

Assess Your Readiness To Become A High-Performance IT Organization

Ted Schadler April 10, 2024
To start your journey to high-performance IT, you must assess your business needs, your current technology styles, and your organization’s execution readiness. Get started by learning the four key steps in assessing your readiness for high-performance IT in this post.

GenAI Drives The Narrative, But A More Confident Tech Economy Is The Real Story Beyond The Q4 2023 Tech Services Earnings

Ted Schadler March 18, 2024
Recent earnings announcements from tech service providers signal optimism about increased demand in 2024 and provide three lessons about artificial intelligence for technology executives.

What Forrester’s 2024 AI Predictions Mean For Technology Executives

Ted Schadler February 23, 2024
Find out what Forrester's collection of 2024 AI and generative AI predictions mean for your technology strategy.

High-Performance IT: The Tech Industry Must Rethink Strategy To Help CIOs Deliver

Ted Schadler January 31, 2024
High-performance IT comes to life when tech leaders assemble the right ecosystems to deliver capabilities. Learn the vital role that technology industry partners play in creating and delivering these capabilities.

High-Performance IT Continuously Improves Business Results Through Great Technology

Matthew Guarini January 16, 2024
Learn how to improve business performance by aligning the three core principles of our high-performance IT model with one of four IT styles.

GenAI’s World-Changing Power Is Putting Knowledge To Work

Brian Hopkins December 14, 2023
Generative AI will not just disrupt — it will shatter markets, industries, and economies in waves over the next 10 to 15 years. We sense this, but why and how will this happen? We think that generative AI drives the cost of knowledge activation to zero and creates a virtual knowledge loop that increases what is known in the world by more people. We are launching deep research into this topic and invite you to join us.

GenAI Will Shatter And Reconstruct Every Company And Industry

Ted Schadler December 8, 2023
How will generative AI reconstruct companies, industries, countries, and roles? Our analysts try to answer one of the biggest questions in business today.

To Build A GenAI-Powered Business App, You Need More Than An LLM

Ted Schadler November 13, 2023
A simplistic genAI approach won’t scale, won’t be cost-effective, won’t fully protect you, and won’t put all your proprietary knowledge to work. Learn about a new genAI application architecture called layers, gates, pipes, and loops.

Why NASA, IBM, And Hugging Face’s Open Source Model Is A Big Deal

Ted Schadler August 16, 2023
What do you get when you combine an open source platform, a massive and critically useful dataset, and an ability to open-source an AI foundation model? Find out in this post.

Annual Planning 2024: Now Is The Time For Tech Leaders To Reinvigorate Their Role In The Growth Agenda

Keith Johnston August 8, 2023
For 2023, Forrester recommended a steadfast approach to technology decisions to reconcile any hasty investments made in the pandemic years. With that work now forming the foundation for future business growth, it’s time to accelerate into 2024 with a pragmatic approach to innovation. Learn three key areas where you should focus your 2024 tech spend.

Join Me In Austin To Get Powered And Empowered For Technology-Driven Growth

Ted Schadler July 21, 2023
Growth is the number one priority for CEOs and most c-suite executives. Technology is a powerful driver of growth – if the company fully harnesses its technology assets and operations. CIOs and the technology organization play a critical role in three growth vectors. Working in partnership with marketing, sales, and business leaders, it’s your responsibility […]

Maximize The Value That You Get From Partners — A New Forrester Tech Exec Priority

Ted Schadler July 18, 2023
Learn the five co-innovation competencies that make up the new partner priority in the Forrester Decisions for Technology Executives service.

KPMG Bets Big On Generative AI-Fueled Productivity

Ted Schadler July 12, 2023
KPMG makes a clear statement on how it expects generative AI to improve its business and how much it plans to invest in it.

Generative AI Will Walk Into Your Business Through Four Doors

Ted Schadler June 23, 2023
As new as generative AI is, we can already see how companies will incorporate its capabilities into their businesses’ strategies and operations. Our experience with two earlier, explosive technologies show you how.

CIOs: Seize The Opportunity To Drive Business Growth With Your Technology Agenda

Ted Schadler June 21, 2023
If technology executives want to be in the room where the growth conversation happens, they have to earn the right. Learn the most critical things that CIOs, CTOs, and other tech executives need to do to get there.

Best Practices To Maximize The Value You Get From Partners

Ted Schadler May 30, 2023
Your ability to get the most from technology and services partners is a core competency for success in today’s ecosystem-driven businesses. We’ve been highlighting the strategies and execution to achieve this over the years. We call it co-innovation — working with partners to co-create solutions that drive your business forward. To illustrate the benefits, we mined the submissions for the 2022 Technology Strategy Impact Awards and identified four best practices for getting the most value from partners.

What Makes A Future Fit Technology Strategy?

Frederic Giron May 12, 2023
Learn the best practices for how you can build a future fit technology strategy in each of platforms, practices, partners, and people.

What’s Driving The $2 Trillion Technology Services Market?

Ted Schadler May 11, 2023
Learn the answer — and what’s driving the tremendous growth.
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