Measuring marketing results or ROI is the No. 1 challenge marketers face in Asia. To tackle this problem, 68% of marketers in Asia plan to invest more in marketing measurement. My latest report, “Master The Fundamentals Of Marketing Measurement,” helps marketers understand the best practices for improving their marketing measurement and the major barriers they face in doing so.

Marketers in Asia are in a more complicated measurement environment than their peers in the West:

  • Empowered mobile-first consumers complicate the measurement game. Asia has some of the most empowered and mobile-mind-shifted consumers in the world. These consumers are connected by devices that influence how and where they communicate and interact with brands. As consumer behavior gets more complicated, so does marketing measurement.
  • Marketers in Asia aren’t well equipped to measure marketing results. While they strive to be customer-centric and results-driven, many marketers in Asia aren’t well equipped to overcome measurement challenges because they aren’t empowered to drive growth, use less sophisticated measurements, rely on the wrong metrics, and lack the right measurement tools.
  • Lack of high-quality customer data is the chief obstacle to marketing measurement. Good-quality customer data across channels and platforms is the foundation of successful marketing measurement. However, this is significantly harder in Asia due to walled-garden digital ecosystems, siloed organizations, and fragmented data regulations.

The report further elaborates on the three sets of marketing metrics that smart marketers in Asia adopt, the two foundational mechanics of marketing measurement they should adopt, and the three best practices of marketing measurement in the region. To learn how to create your own measurement framework with the right partners in Asia, Forrester clients can read the full report.