A mobile moment occurs whenever someone reaches for their smartphone or tablet. And happens anytime they have an itch to scratch. And it's happening more frequently than ever as your customers and your employees are undergoing a mobile mind shift — "the expectation that I can immediately get what I want in my personal context on my mobile device."
If it's your customer that's having a mobile moment, then you want to be there, don't you?
At Forrester, we've been spending a lot of time analyzing how mobile devices change the way companies engage their customers and employees. Across every role we serve, we're probing on what makes mobile different from PCs, different from Web, and different from traditional channels. My colleague Julie Ask and I spent some time recently with Tom Pohlmann, Forrester's Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, to talk the mobile mind shift and what to do about it. You can hear that conversation in its entirety (episode 1) or in topic-sized chunks (episodes 2, 3, and 4) below.
Episode 1
Title: Embrace The Mobile Mind Shift
Description:  When it comes to mobile, most companies are simply doing “old things in new ways.” Mobile’s great promise is provide new value where organizations will internalize mobile to do “new things in new ways.” 

Running time: 19:46
Episode 2
Title: Don’t Do Mobile; Be Mobile
Description:  Brands need to create “systems of engagement” that will deliver their products and services to customers at their greatest moment of need. 

Running time: 7:38
Episode 3
Title: Invest For Mobile Success
Host: Tom Pohlmann, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
Description:  Forrester’s data shows the average large company spends around a million dollars on mobile. But becoming a truly mobile-centered business will require greater investment. 

Running time: 6:55
Episode 4
Title: Mobile Isn’t A Project, It’s A Cultural Mindset
Description:  Executives are still funding mobile as a stand-alone project. Most companies haven’t fully grasped the opportunity mobile presents to influence sales and the customer experience. 

Running time: 6:20