Microsoft is sounding very smart about the world of connected entertainment.  The attributes that "kids" are looking for in their entertainment look a lot like the attributes the Net Generation is looking for in all of their experiences:  Make them personal, Make them interactive, Make them Social.

"The Experience is more important than the Technology."  Amen.  This is the theme of the conference (apologies to Forrester which believes that the theme is "people build great brands and products".)  It’s so easy to work in this space and get caught up by the next Bright Shiny Object and forget that we’re simply trying to create Experiences for People.  Connections for People.

It’s human nature to want to create relationships with others (so we feel connected and not so alone in the world), to seek intelligence (to satisfy our desire for knowledge) and to search for meaning.  Our job as digital marketers is to enable these fundamental drives through technology.  That’s what we do.