Those of you who know my research won’t be surprised to learn that I’m currently working on a collection of mobile marketing reports that will eventually make up our mobile marketing playbook. (For more information about Forrester’s new playbooks, check this out.) But what you probably don’t know is that the report I’m working on right now isn’t about mobile marketing — it’s about mobile marketers.

My hypothesis is that as a company decides to commit to mobile marketing, experts either emerge or are hired to shepherd programs specifically designed to engage the mobile audience. It sounds easy enough, but there are a couple of things that complicate this seemingly straightforward evolution. First, mobile isn’t really just “a” channel. There's more than a dozen mobile tactics that a mobile channel manager could be responsible for, including mobile display, mobile search, and mobile messaging, in addition to mobile sites and apps. Second, for a lot of those mobile tactics, there are already embedded non-mobile counterparts, like digital media buyers, email marketers, and search specialists with whom the mobile marketer may need to collaborate.

So, for this report, I’m hoping to speak with several of you mobile marketers out there to understand things like:

·         How you got into your current role and what it entails.

·         Where you sit in relation to other marketers at your company.

·         How you collaborate (or not) with your non-mobile counterparts and whether you’re involved in helping to train them on how mobile affects their areas of expertise.

·         How your role impacts other stakeholders outside of the marketing department.

If you’re interested in participating in this research, please feel free to leave a comment below, contact me on Twitter, or email me at mparrish AT by October 1st. (In case you’ve never participated in research with Forrester before, please note that if you have things to say but don’t want to be quoted, we can make that happen. We’ll never publish your name or quotes from you without your permission.)

And while you’re flooding the comments and my inbox for this report, keep in mind that I’ll be working on a bunch of other reports for this playbook, too. If you have interesting tales to tell about how you built a business case for mobile marketing, or the KPIs you track for your programs, I’d love to hear them.

A special note for agencies and vendors: It’s always great to chat with you, but for this particular report, I need to speak with in-house mobile marketers at brands. But don’t worry: I’m sure I’ll be reconnecting with you all soon.