One of the great aspects of working at Forrester is the ability to collaborate with analysts from other teams to bring different coverage areas together.  I’ve had the chance to work with Josh Bernoff on a few pieces related to TV advertising and we published one this week regarding Nielsen’s recently announced A2/M2 initiative.  The executive summary:

Nielsen will expand its measurement of video media with "Anytime
Anywhere Media Measurement" (A2/M2), which will include Internet
streaming and portable devices, and will also measure engagement. It’s
a good idea, but Nielsen historically takes awhile to work the kinks
out of new measurement products. Rather than wait for more
comprehensive measures, marketers should focus on measuring how media
efforts drive business results.

More detail in the full document, with a slightly different take on the announcement here.  Bottom line:  a step in the right direction, but five years until it matters – and with all of the changes we’ve seen in the past five years, how relevant do you think this initiative will be in 2011?

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