Rock-Star Demand & ABM Teams Deserve Recognition

It may sometimes appear like organizations “abracadabra” growth when, in fact, behind the curtain, demand and ABM teams are contributing blood, sweat, and tears to ensure that revenue goals are met. When the hard work of these efficacious demand and ABM teams pays dividends, accolades are due.

If you are seeing exceptional results with demand and ABM, consider nominating your program for the Program Of The Year Award. This prestigious award will be presented at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America, taking place June 5–7, 2023, in Austin, Texas.

Benefits Of Nominating Your Company For The Demand & ABM Program Of The Year Award

Forrester’s Program Of The Year Award showcases outstanding examples of B2B marketing teams executing on best practices to optimize functional performance. The company selected will be presented with a trophy on the main stage. Time will also be allocated for the organization’s chosen representative to share highlights of their demand and ABM program in their own words.

Forrester will publicize the story, brand, and winning status of the selected organization across various digital and social channels. The demand and ABM program lead will also be profiled on the Forrester website.

Criteria To Apply

Nominees must have implemented a best-practice B2B or B2B2C demand and ABM program in North America with quantifiable results. The submission deadline is February 27.

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