On Thursday, November 5th, from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, Forrester Research is hosting an informal discussion about product management and product marketing issues. This session is the first in what we hope will be a series of conversations about these topics, scheduled at Forrester’s Bay Area office in Foster City.

The topic for this kick-off session is how social media is changing the job description for product managers and product marketers. I'll lead the discussion on this topic, since I just did an all-day workshop about "social product management."

The operative word in that last sentence is discussion. If you want to be pummeled with PowerPoints, look elsewhere. We want to host discussions among product managers and product marketers. Our role is to provide insights from our research, and give you a chance to meet and speak with your peers.

We’re very interested in hearing what topics you’d like us to cover. Forrester’s analysts covering the tech industry can provide information on a variety of topics—from requirements to market development, from Agile to SMBs, from B2B marketing best practices to supporting the salesforce. However, we’re more interested in developing a series of informal conversations on the topics that matter most for you. Please send us your suggestions.

Please RSVP with Marsha Versen (mversen@forrester.com, 650.581.3851) if you are interested in attending. All are welcome to join us, but we’d appreciate the RSVP so that we know if we’re going to run into space restrictions. If you have questions about the event, don't hesitate to contact me (tgrant@forrester.com, 650.581.3846).

Forrester's Northern California office is at 950 Tower Lane, Suite 1200, Foster City, CA. (Click here for a map.