• Portfolio marketers – including product, solution, service, industry, audience and segment marketers – traditionally have had few benchmarks and metrics to measure their success and impact
  • SiriusDecisions wants to understand what high-performing B2B portfolio marketing teams are focused on
  • Take our 10-minute survey to share your top priorities for portfolio marketing and find out how you stack up against your peers

Portfolio marketers can have many roles – from analyzing market segments and competitors to crafting messaging and value propositions. But what are high-performing portfolio marketing teams doing that set them apart from their peers? What are they focused on? What are their primary responsibilities? How do they measure their success?

man multitasking with devicesTo gather these insights, SiriusDecisions is conducting a survey on the top priorities for portfolio marketing. If you can spare less than ten minutes to participate in this survey, we’ll gladly share with you high-level findings about the following areas:

  • What other portfolio marketing teams are focused on and what their primary responsibilities are. Are you tasked with developing content at the expense of doing more strategic activities like identifying market opportunities, defining market segments or understanding buyer personas? Find out about your peers’ primary activities.
  • How your peers are being measured. What metrics are used most commonly to measure the success of portfolio marketers? Because portfolio marketers typically aren’t on the front lines of generating demand or selling to buyers, finding metrics that truly measure their impact is difficult. Find out how other organizations track the success of their portfolio marketers.
  • How well organizations are operationalizing buyer personas and messaging. Are personas being used across messaging development, campaign strategy, demand generation, content creation, sales enablement, website strategy and field marketing? How consistently is your messaging being adopted across the organization? Find out the most common areas that leverage the buyer personas and messaging built by portfolio marketing.
  • How structured other organizations’ launch processes are and how well they work. Is your launch process ad hoc or does it follow a standardized, repeatable process with defined activities and deliverables assigned consistent functional ownership? Do you have decision gates to ensure offerings are ready to move to the next stage in the process? Find out how most organizations manage this key area of the business.
  • The optimum ratio of portfolio marketers to product managers. We hear a range of responses from our clients on how many portfolio marketers exist for the number of product managers. What’s the ratio at your organization? Find out how you compare with high-performing organizations.

Taking the survey and seeing the findings can improve your ability to play a strategic role in your organization. Katie Fabiszak and I will reveal more detailed results and analysis this May at the “High Performance: Portfolio Marketing” session at Summit 2019 in Austin!