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Saying Goodbye To MQLs: When Should We Create The Opportunity Entity?

Terry Flaherty 3 days ago
In this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog, we identify three common points in the revenue process where organizations can create the opportunity entity.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: How Does The Buyer’s Journey Change In A Buying Group World?

Terry Flaherty September 14, 2023
Learn what changes and what stays the same when you're shifting away from MQLs and toward opportunities and buying groups.

Revealing The Riches: The Power Of Robust Survey Data In A TEI Study

Adrienne Capaldo September 11, 2023
Surveys can enhance interview findings by validating them for specific use cases, industries, or company sizes. Learn how to amplify the findings in your TEI study and reach more members of the buying group by incorporating robust survey data.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: What’s The Role Of The Opportunity Entity In The Revenue Process?

Amy Hawthorne September 7, 2023
This Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog identifies the role of the opportunity entity and why your team should use it in the revenue process today.

It’s Not You, It’s Me: What It Really Means When Budget Is The Reason For The Breakup

Shari Srebnick September 5, 2023
Despite what customers may tell you, budget is often not the real reason why they’ve decided not to renew.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: Accounts, Buying Groups, Opportunities, Oh My! How Is It All Connected?

Amy Hawthorne August 31, 2023
In this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog, we discuss the relationship between accounts, buying groups, and opportunities.

Power Up Your Content With A Plan On A Page

Phyllis Davidson August 29, 2023
A list of characteristics is not a plan! Get yours in order by capturing your consolidated B2B content strategy in a Forrester content plan on a page.

Three Tips To Guide B2B Demand Marketing Leaders’ Plans For 2024

Renee Irion August 24, 2023
Where should demand and ABM teams focus their efforts in the coming year? Explore the highlights from Forrester's planning guide report.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: What’s The Business Impact Of Leaving MQLs?

Terry Flaherty August 24, 2023
This week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog post looks at how leveraging signals to identify buying groups can drive value for your organization.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: So We’re On Board With Buying Groups, But What About The Individual?

Amy Hawthorne August 17, 2023
Welcome back to this multipart blog series answering why leads-centric marketing approaches don’t work. In this post, we look at what happens to the individuals if we focus on buying groups.

Brand Investments Are Up But Maybe Not Where You Think

Karen Tran August 14, 2023
Website/digital shows the biggest gains across both programs and headcount, continuing a long-running trend toward a digital-first investment strategy.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: What’s The Big Deal About Getting Rid Of MQLs?

Terry Flaherty August 10, 2023
We received many great questions in our webinar on why leads-centric marketing approaches don’t work. In the first post of a multipart blog series, we focus on the shift from leads to opportunities.

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: Read All The Posts In Our Series

Terry Flaherty August 8, 2023
The “Saying Goodbye to MQLs” blog series is dedicated to answering your questions when making the shift from leads to buying groups and opportunities. You can find all blogs published in this series below.   Making the shift from MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) to buying groups and opportunities continues to be a hot topic that boils […]

Growth Strategy In Action: Apple Plants New Seeds

Dipanjan Chatterjee August 7, 2023
Two months ago, I announced Forrester’s revenue growth framework. We reviewed academic research, evaluated practitioner models, spoke with CMOs, and studied best practices among companies to distill a framework to help our clients develop a structured approach to growing revenue. I’ve applied this lens to Apple’s latest earnings release to analyze the company’s growth strategy. […]

Frontline Marketing “Innovation Coalition” Key To Generative AI Success For B2B Marketers

Naomi Marr August 7, 2023
Frontline B2B marketing functions such as demand and ABM may be more intensely impacted than others by generative AI. Learn how these teams can take charge.

Steering Toward Success: Three Approaches To Building Outcomes-Based Joint Success Plans

Shari Srebnick August 3, 2023
A joint customer success plan is a roadmap to help steer customers toward achieving their desired outcomes.

What Type Of Intent Data Provider Is Best For Your B2B Business?

Brett Kahnke July 31, 2023
In the recent Forrester Wave™ evaluation covering B2B intent data providers, we identified four primary business models among intent data providers. Understanding the differing focuses of these business models can help you build your shortlist of potential intent providers.

It Was Never About Leads: Why Adapting To Buying Groups Is A Must

Find step-by-step guidance for identifying, engaging, and winning opportunities based on how buyers actually buy.


The B2B Chief Customer Officer: Unicorn Or Camel?

Lisa Nakano July 25, 2023
In Silicon Valley startup parlance, there are two types of ventures: unicorns and camels. Unicorns are the bright, shiny, money-burning, rapid-growth startups. Camels are built on a more solid financial philosophy, meant to make the money last, using venture capital as more of a bridge than a survival tactic. In times of crisis, it’s probably […]

How B2B Companies Will Win The Competition For Growth

John Arnold July 25, 2023
The competition for growth is fiercer than ever for B2B companies. To win, marketing, product, and sales leaders need to build a growth engine based on three fundamentals that are also simple, powerful, challenging, and achievable.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Is A Bonanza For Brands

Dipanjan Chatterjee July 13, 2023
Soccer's massive reach plus the passion it inspires creates a combination that's tailor-made for marketing.
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