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Effective portfolio marketing is foundational to go-to-market success, generating the deep buyer insights, market knowledge, and messaging needed to drive engagement and results. Explore our portfolio marketing insights to help design audience-centric go-to-market strategies, craft product portfolio messaging that resonates, and enhance revenue.

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Embrace Reinvention To Drive Growth: Five Key Takeaways From Forrester’s B2B Summit North America 2024

Srividya Sridharan June 4, 2024
Last month’s event set the stage for navigating the frenetic pace of change in B2B and capitalizing on growth opportunities. Read our top five takeaways.

Four Steps To Creating Collaborative GTM Playbooks

Katie Fabiszak April 26, 2024
There's no one-size-fits-all playbook design because every organization is unique. Yet there is a process you can follow.

Disconnected Messaging Breeds Mistrust. How Can You Fix It?

Barry Vasudevan April 12, 2024
Disconnected messaging reflects a disconnected organization. Learn how bridging silos yields positive outcomes in this B2B Summit North America session overview.

Five Ways That Generative AI Brings Superpowers To Portfolio Marketers

Beth Caplow April 5, 2024
Portfolio marketers have a broad role, from keeping up to date on market intelligence and developing go-to-market strategies and messages to launching offerings and training sellers. Learn five ways generative AI can help portfolio marketers automate tasks and increase productivity and creativity.

Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Spring-Cleaning And Assessing B2B Go-To-Market Strategies

Katie Fabiszak April 2, 2024
This blog post introduces Forrester’s Go-To-Market Maturity Assessment, an assessment that helps B2B leaders assess their go-to-market capabilities by evaluating across four key areas: business context, market strategy, buyer strategy, and engagement strategy.

Call For Entries: B2B Summit EMEA Awards

Paul Ferron April 2, 2024
EMEA B2B companies: If you have a cross-functional alignment success story or have achieved exceptional results within a single function, we want to hear from you. Learn more about Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA Awards.

Supercharge Your APAC B2B Success — And Save $200

Register by June 28 to save $200 on B2B Summit APAC in Singapore. Access growth, revenue, alignment, sales, genAI, and product strategies to boost your brand success.


Younger Generations Are Shaking Up B2B Buying — Are You Prepared?

Amy Hayes March 25, 2024
Millennials and Gen Zers now comprise nearly three-quarters of B2B buyers. To succeed, B2B marketing, sales, and product teams must understand these buyers’ preferences.

B2B Summit North America 2024: Your Ticket To Turning Disruption Into Growth

Srividya Sridharan January 23, 2024
Explore the strategies and tools needed to drive customer-obsessed growth at our premier event for B2B marketing, sales, and product teams.

Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit North America Awards

Cristina De Martini January 9, 2024
Have a great B2B success story to share? Nominate it for a B2B Return On Integration Honor or Program Of The Year Award! Winners will take the stage at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America.

The Core Tenets That Set High-Performing Portfolio Marketing Teams Apart

Katie Fabiszak December 15, 2023
Results from Forrester’s Portfolio Marketing Survey, 2023, reveal that high-performing portfolio marketing teams prioritize strategic activities and take an audience-focused approach to their work. This blog post reveals the top three practices we see high-performing portfolio marketing teams doing differently.

Build Competitive Messaging With Your Buyers In Mind

Barry Vasudevan December 13, 2023
Buyers find competitive messaging to be an essential component of the information needed to complete a purchase. To build effective competitive messaging, organizations need a clear view of the differentiators agreed upon by marketing and sales.

Go-To-Market Strategy: The Three Core Engagement Elements Needed For Successful Execution

Katie Fabiszak November 14, 2023
This blog post dives into the engagement strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture framework. This layer details a go-to-market strategy approach that allows portfolio marketers to build the critical deliverables needed to ensure successful execution.

Product Experts Gain New Clout Among B2B Buyers

What It Means November 9, 2023
As B2B buyers contend with tighter budgets, they’re looking to an unexpected source to help them make the right purchase decisions: product experts from vendor companies. Vice President and Research Director Amy Hayes discusses this and other findings from Forrester’s new State Of Business Buying report this week on What It Means.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Three Steps To Connecting Buyer Needs To Ideal Offerings

Katie Fabiszak October 10, 2023
This blog post dives into the buyer strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture model. This layer details a go-to-market strategy approach that aligns the needs of a particular buying audience with the best solution that will meet those needs.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Three Steps To Intentional Segmentation And Route-To-Market Decisions

Katie Fabiszak August 11, 2023
A one-size-fits-all go-to-market strategy is nonexistent, but B2B organizations need a methodology in place to support the creation of an audience-focused go-to-market strategy. This blog post dives into the market strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture, which guides B2B leaders on how to think through the decisions about segmentation and routes to market.

How B2B Marketing, Sales, And Product Can Align To Drive Growth In 2024

Srividya Sridharan August 8, 2023
Planning season is the perfect time for B2B revenue engine leaders to address common challenges, share functional insights and competencies, and build a customer-obsessed growth strategy.

Adapt To EMEA B2B Buyer Change — And Save £200

Register by July 19 to save £200 on B2B Summit EMEA in London. Discover how to adapt your marketing, sales, and product strategies for complex buyer scenarios, longer sales cycles, genAI, and more.


Two Generative AI Experiments For Portfolio Marketers Building B2B Messaging

Barry Vasudevan July 17, 2023
Generative AI has the potential to impact B2B messaging for the better. It can help craft messages based on buyers’ needs, but this requires experimentation and iteration. This blog post highlights two areas where portfolio marketers should explore using generative AI in their messaging process.

Portfolio Marketers: Will You Make Generative AI Your Superpower?

Brittany Viola June 22, 2023
Check out this guidance for portfolio marketers on how to best leverage generative AI, whether you’re just starting out, looking for best practices, or investigating new use cases.

Shift Into High Gear: Unlocking Insights To Outpace Your Rivals

Brittany Viola June 15, 2023
Read about the four categories of insights that portfolio marketers should consider when aiming to advance business outcomes, drive customer experiences, and support their organization’s growth strategy.
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