In case you’ve been keeping score, you know the recruiting market has been evolving rapidly. A slew of new marketing-oriented, AI-fueled innovations has blossomed, helping businesses to improve candidate experiences, boost the quality of talent acquired, and reduce overall recruiting costs. And while this has been happening, the overall human capital management (HCM) market, including recruiting solution vendors, has been consolidating. So it’s not a huge surprise to learn that iCIMS, a talent acquisition vendor, acquired Jibe, another talent acquisition vendor.

What does this mean for you? I caught up with Michael Wilczak, EVP, head of strategy and corporate development for iCIMS, this week. Here are the top three things you should know:

  1. Considering iCIMS or Jibe for your recruiting marketing needs? Carry on. iCIMS is continuing to build out a unified talent acquisition platform — extending its applicant tracking system (ATS) both with hiring tools (i.e., interview and assessment capabilities) and with marketing capabilities. Jibe complements and adds additional marketing capabilities to iCIMS by providing a more unified career site experience and analytics. And if you have Jibe, Mike mentioned that you will not be forced to move to iCIMS’s ATS. Over the next several months, as you might expect, there will be road map updates, with deeper integration and expanded use of AI planned to not only match candidates to roles (as Jibe does today) but also to improve workflows.
  2. Other recruiting software vendors, beware: This will help iCIMS attract larger, enterprise customers. According to Mike, combined, iCIMS + Jibe will now serve 10% of the Global 1000 market. This means more competition or potentially expanded partner opportunities with other enterprise-level recruiting software solutions. Mike pointed out that ADP and Ultimate Software are current partners with iCIMS.
  3. Expect more consolidation in the recruiting space (and overall HCM space), as well as AI-led innovation, to continue. To get a better understanding of how this is all shaping up and the impact to your HCM investments, look out for my upcoming HCM Tech Tide™ research, which is underway right now and will include breakouts on the recruiting market, the maturity of recruiting technology areas, and guidance for investing, experimenting, maintaining, or divesting. It will also include a list of vendors that provide recruiting solutions in each area. Stay tuned . . .