DevOps is no longer the new kid on the block; all industries are adopting it. Despite this adherence to principles of speed, velocity, and agility, release frequency appears to be lagging. Continuous deployment can help: Organizations leveraging an integrated continuous deployment tool set are able to make the dream of continuous releases to production a reality! However, Forrester’s Q1 2017 Global DevOps Benchmark Online Survey found that only 45% of organizations automate release to productionTo realize this dream, DevOps organizations must:

  • Reinvent the way they manage releases, using Agile methods coupled with new release and automation tools.
  • Apply new methods and automation to the complete stack of applications, middleware, and infrastructure.
  • Ensure that there is flexibility to deploy anywhere — cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Forrester Is Breaking Down The Continuous Deployment Market

To help attack these challenges, Forrester is breaking down the automation capabilities necessary for continuous deployment. Our report, Tech Tide™: Continuous Deployment, Q4 2017 will predict the trajectory of 18 of the top automation technologies. No one understands the continuous deployment market and the automation technologies like the DevOps professionals who work with them every day. Your expertise and experience is critical to our research, and we ask that you share your feedback and insights with us in the short, 12-question survey provided here.
To thank you for your time, all survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the report once it goes live.